Mac OS X: Quicksilver opens application files in an instant


The Dock in Mac OS X is the central point of access to frequently used applications, folders and documents. A simple click is all it takes to conveniently open the most popular files. But if you use a lot of different programs and files on a regular basis and want to open them just as quickly as if they were in the dock, you have to look for other options. In the quick start bar, it will eventually be too tight.

Quicksilver: Schneller Zugriff auf Programme und Dateien.
Quicksilver: Quick access to programs and files.

A remedy is provided by the sleek and free tool Quicksilver from Blacktree, Inc. The application always runs in the background and changes with a self-defined shortcut in the active mode. Prompt appears to be customizable Quicksilver window. If you now enter the name of the desired application and press Enter, it will be started in no time. Incidentally, this also works for all folders and documents. In the settings itself can be defined, which contents of Quicksilver are to be cataloged. Thanks to the built-in suggestive search this little helper is also useful if you remember the name of the file you do not remember exactly.

Another central feature of the tool is the so-called "triggers". These are system-wide shortcuts defined by the user himself. For example, if you're writing an email, you can jump to the next song in iTunes using an appropriate predefined shortcut without having to quit the mail program and switch to the iTunes window.


Quicksilver makes daily work on the Mac much more convenient. After a while, you do not want to miss the small but powerful tool anymore.