The differences in the European labor market could hardly be greater: while in other countries skilled workers are desperately looking for a job, Germany is recording a low unemployment rate. Almost all occupational groups benefit here from significant job growth compared to the previous year. IT experts remain high on the company's wish list, as the 2012 Dekra Labor Market Report has calculated from the cut-off date analysis of 16, 129 job vacancies in 11 daily newspapers, two online job boards and a social network.

IT-Experten und Ingenieure gehören zu den begehrtesten Gruppen auf dem deutschen Arbeitsmarkt.
IT experts and engineers are among the most sought-after groups in the German labor market.
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Accordingly, employers continue to search for software developers, system administrators and IT consultants. Also SAP specialists or graduates of commercial IT training are searched in three-digit order of magnitude. With the upswing of the German economy, the demand for engineers has further intensified. Most engineers are currently missing in mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. Accelerated by trends such as increasing mechanization or electromobility, the demand for specialists in the field of electrical engineering is very high. The increase in job vacancies for electronics technicians was surprisingly strong. They are currently the second most sought-after specialists (499 offers) - even ahead of engineers for electrical engineering. But also for mechatronics, the offer has doubled.

Recruitment of foreign experts

As a result of the positive economic development, the search for skilled workers is even more difficult for companies. "The recruitment of qualified employees - and certainly not just academics - will be one of the biggest challenges for Germany as a location, " says Jörg Mannsperger, Member of the Executive Board of Dekra SE and Managing Director of Dekra Akademie GmbH. "Even with demographic trends, this is not a temporary phenomenon, so no solution should be left unthought-of, whether it's getting the most out of domestic workforce or recruiting abroad." Even now, employers are increasingly relying on professional support for their search: Almost one in three positions is filled with the help of recruitment agencies.

  1. IT job market 2012
    Who are the winners, who are the losers in the IT job market? We interviewed managers, HR and Headhunters.
  2. Atos boss Winfried Holz ….
    is looking for more than 700 new employees: "The IT job market is very tough; it has become an applicant market for job profiles such as SAP consultants or software developers.
  3. Also for Stephan Pfisterer, labor market expert of Bitkom, ..
    … is clear: The job market for software and service specialists is the most important growth driver.
  4. In the area of ​​telecommunications infrastructure …
    … on the other hand, jobs are being cut, as the mass release at Nokia Siemens Networks shows. Here job hunting becomes more difficult.
  5. Personnel Consultant Lars-Rüdiger Fink (Next Level):
    "If you have only a broad knowledge of Java, you can change and run the risk of losing your job." Pluses bring domain-specific knowledge in the banking or energy sector.
  6. Programming languages ​​like PHP …
    … or Ruby on Rails are important for web developers who are in high demand in Berlin at the moment.
  7. In Berlin…
    … KfW Bank, for example, is setting up its IT development site.
  8. Julia Fietkau, responsible for personnel marketing at KfW:
    "In Berlin, we are seeing increased competition for application developers, who are also sought after by many Internet agencies or companies."
  9. Also cloud computing …
    … boosts the demand for IT professionals: We are looking for system architects, IT and process consultants.
  10. IT security experts ….
    … are asked where big data has to be managed: in banks or online gaming companies.
  11. Project Manager….
    …. still have the best prospects on the IT job market.
  12. Headhunter Guido Happe (Steinbach & Partner):
    Especially in demand are managers of large-scale projects who have a project management education and sound methodological knowledge. In addition, users set up many in-house consulting jobs. To do this, they are looking for candidates who have IT, industry and process knowledge and can transfer it to other areas. "
  13. pmOne board member Rolf Hoellger …
    … is looking for software architects in the field of data warehouse, of which there are very few on the market.
  14. Karl-Heinz Bornscheuer, Head of Personnel at KfW, also …
    … knows about the difficult search for proven experts: "There are only a few dozen experts for the trading system Summit in Europe, where we have to find the pin in a haystack, which is usually only possible with headhunters."
  15. Experienced SAP professionals ….
    … are another coveted species on the IT job market.
  16. Personnel Advisor Dagmar Schimansky-Geier (1a Zukunft) ..
    .. for example, has long been looking for SAP retail specialists or application managers.
  17. Nevertheless, the time of big salary jumps is over.
    A job change is no longer automatically associated with a significant salary increase.
  18. Also Christoph Bauhofer, …
    General manager of the Internet agency Conrad Caine, wants the Gehlats-Pingpong of some candidates do not participate. Above all, he seeks employees for advice and conception. Web development has outsourced the agency to Brazil.
  19. Software developers …
    … are among the most sought-after groups in the IT job market. However, they must not be too wide.