Usage scenarios: CRM especially for sales

Software im Bereich CRM.
Software in the field of CRM.
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The principle of Customer Relationship Management puts the customer at the center of business processes and efforts. However, this holistic approach has often not yet been implemented; most CRM systems are still focused on sales.

Currently, 54 percent of companies surveyed by RAAD from 200 to more than 5, 000 employees use software support in Customer Relation- ship Management. As a rule, companies are already implementing this with standard software that is only adapted to company-specific needs. However, every tenth company still draws on its own development, which can vary in complexity.

Over 10 percent of companies invest in CRM software

The topic of CRM is of continuing relevance to companies in the target group. Eight percent plan to enter the CRM sector. These companies are not yet implementing a solution, but are planning an introduction. Four percent of German companies invest in the expansion, modernization or replacement of existing CRM software.

Sales is the first deployment scenario

Einsatzgebiete für CRM-Lösungen.
Fields of application for CRM solutions.
Photo: RAAD Research

The most important application scenario is in sales. Eighty-six percent of companies with a productive CRM system use this in sales. Here, too, the topic has the highest importance from the point of view of the departmental managers.

In contrast, processes in marketing or service are only gradually supported with CRM functionality. However, in the interviewed target group, this is already well over two-thirds of the companies. In this area there is also a further need for an expansion of the functionalities. The sales department also reports functional requirements, so that here as well an expansion of the software solutions can be assumed. (Ph)

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