SAP Partnering: fair communication at eye level

Austausch mit externen Partnern.
Exchange with external partners.
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In the German market, most medium-sized and medium-sized businesses today are SAP customers. The functional penetration of SAP is also very advanced for SAP customers. On average, more than every second PC workstation is connected to an SAP system. As a result, SAP is finding it increasingly difficult to place new functions from its existing ERP portfolio with customers. In doing so, SAP must rely on the competence of the partners. "In half the cases, the partner is SAP's first face to the customer, " says Dr. Cristian Wieland, Head of Analytics at RAAD. That's why SAP considers partners to be a key player in customer development. "The better the communication and cooperation between SAP and SAP partners, the better the partner can communicate and collaborate with his customers, " Wieland continued.

Despite or perhaps because of the fact that both parties are highly dependent on each other, communication and cooperation between SAP and partners are not always trouble-free, as RAAD surveys have revealed in the SAP partner landscape. Above all, partners complain that personal support is usually lacking and communication is not on par. "Our studies show that many partners are not given the appreciation of SAP they believe they deserve, " Wieland said. A fair communication at eye level always takes place when both parties meet with respect and esteem. Respect and esteem for each other can not be activated by people at the push of a button, but must at least be learned from the key people in the company. It is necessary to learn to empathize with others in conversations in order to build mutual understanding.

For the acting persons this is a time-consuming change process, since previous behavioral patterns must be learned. Because currently it is often the case that in the partner relationship between SAP and partners, monetary absolute figures determine the esteem and attention of SAP as well as the SAP partner. For example, sales for X are a small fish for SAP, while for a partner this is a relatively large order, which may have required high sales effort. Dr. Cristian Wieland therefore advocates a differentiated partner management of SAP, especially in saturated markets such as Germany: "A communication at eye level must take into account this partner situation. Aligning communication purely in absolute terms would in this case most likely be doomed to failure. "(Ph)

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