Thorsten Freitag ist Vice President EMEA bei F5.
Thorsten Freitag is Vice President EMEA at F5.

Although there is still much uncertainty about the term cloud computing, the topic has reached critical mass among major US corporations. More than 80 percent of respondents have at least started on trial deployments of public and private cloud computing deployments.

"The attractiveness of cloud computing for large companies is not surprising, " says Thorsten Freitag, vice president of EMEA at F5, "because you expect an agile and scalable IT infrastructure, combined with lower costs." However, this study shows that widespread adoption of enterprise cloud computing, despite the great interest in this technology, hinges on addressing certain access, security, and performance concerns. Friday: "If organizations want to increase their IT agility with the cloud, they need to understand the technical components of that technology and how cloud computing affects the network before they can work out an implementation strategy."

About half of the respondents are already beyond the test stage and have already implemented a public cloud computing implementation. In addition, private cloud computing concepts are also gaining wide acceptance among companies: 45 percent currently use private clouds. Cloud computing is therefore also reflected in the budget planning. 66 percent of respondents have their own budget for cloud computing initiatives.