Bad news in series: Economic crisis hits IT industry


Nokia dropped its industry sales forecast for the second time in just three weeks, AMD announced a 25 percent drop in sales, and US telecom giant AT & T eliminated 12, 000 jobs or about four percent of its workforce. Reason is that the general economic downturn also slows down the business of the IT industry - in all regions and especially in the consumer sector.

Nokia, the world's largest mobile phone manufacturer, sees a rapid deterioration in the sector economy across all regions. The Finnish company now expects the market to contract by at least five percent in the coming year. It would be the first time since 2001 that fewer phones will be sold in one year than in the previous year. 2008 missed the already lowered forecast of 1.24 billion remote cell phones from all providers, warned Nokia. Up until three weeks ago, the Finns in 2008 had expected 1.26 billion devices sold across the industry. The world market leader now wants to cut costs even more.

Profit warning from AMD

Even more dramatic sounds the warning of the chip manufacturer AMD. Turnover in the current quarter in comparison to the three months before drop by a quarter, said the Intel competitor. However, licensing revenues for process technology are not included. In October, AMD had promised revenue at the level of the previous quarter of $ 1.59 billion. Even more disturbing is the recent warning that AMD has sent new chips in the past few weeks to compete better with Intel. The much larger arch rival had already reduced the forecast three weeks ago.

Downsizing of AT & T also a consequence of the weak economy

AT & T also said the massive downsizing was under pressure from the weak economy. The 12, 000 jobs are to be reduced by the end of next year. For the telecom group already in the current quarter will charge a burden of 600 million dollars. AT & T had already canceled 4600 jobs this year. The reduction is also due to technological advances and the general shift of business from fixed to mobile. Already the day before the Italian group Telecom Italia had announced the reduction of 4000 jobs.

The software manufacturer Adobe, known for the document program "Acrobat" or the image processing software "Photoshop", must also delete jobs. The 600 jobs to be dismantled make up eight percent of the workforce. Falling demand had a "significant" impact on sales in the past fourth quarter, it was said. Fewer customers than expected would have bought the new "Creative Suite 4" (CS4) - the expensive flagship of the Adobe product range. (Dpa / tc)