The new model from Geforce comes with its own non-referenced heat sink / fan combination. This is said to be particularly effective and can thus compensate for the higher temperature development that results from overclocking. The overclocking itself is relatively moderate. The graphics chip runs at a clock of 700 MHz, so just 50 MHz faster than the reference model. The memory operates at 2000 MHz (effective), which is only 200 MHz faster than Nvidia's chip specifications.

In the test, the graphics card reached 11, 552 3D Marks, while the non-overclocked version came to 10926 points. The lead here is around 6 percent. The practical example also showed that the overclocking hardly affected the frame rates, Lost Planet showed 20 instead of 19 frames / s at 1600 x 1200 pixels, Crysis at 1024 x 768 pixels 21 instead of 20 frames / s. Incidentally, you should not drive more than 1280 x 1024 pixels with this graphics card in 3D games, because otherwise you will have to downshift to a lower image quality in order to avoid annoying jerks.

High-resolution HD video footage from, for example, Blu-Ray media can be played in conjunction with any model of the current mid-range without any problems - even with the present PNY Geforce 9600 GT XLR8 OC. Your PC only has to contribute at least the computing power of a dual-core CPU. For example, our quad-core CPU was only 13 percent loaded.

PNY Geforce 9600 GT XLR8 OC: Die Grafikkarte ist 15- und 17-Zoll-Displays geeignet.
PNY Geforce 9600 GT XLR8 OC: The graphics card is suitable for 15- and 17-inch displays.

The graphics card fan worked much louder than the reference model - he howls under load sometimes downright to blow the waste heat into the PC interior. Here you should ensure good ventilation in the PC. Otherwise he will involuntarily go to the oven. Order a silent video card with a powerful graphics card. Most enclosures have a space inside, at the bottom of the case. Whisper-quiet 120-millimeter fans, which only produce a volume of 10 dB (A) or less, are already available for 7 euros.

Conclusion and possible alternatives

Despite being overclocked, this model was hardly brisker than the reference model, but worked much louder. Since the ticket price is even higher than those of comparable competing models, the latter remain the better choice.

Also overclocked and even slightly faster, but cheaper is the model Zotac Geforce 9600 GT AMP (price: 104 euros). The graphics chip Geforce 9600 GT in a graphics card in the reference design can be found, for example, in the Gigabyte Geforce 9600 GT (price: 115 euros).

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