Heart failure affects 300 to 400, 000 patients who can no longer have a normal life. Their hearts are no longer efficient enough and they no longer adapt to exertion. In some cases, more serious, it is even insufficient at rest. The patients are then constantly short of breath and the heart can no longer properly ensure blood circulation, edemas settle permanently, in the legs and especially the lungs. This pulmonary edema prevents these patients from sleeping lying down and they spend the night, installed on many pillows.

At this serious stage, which concerns 40, 000 patients in France (out of the 400, 000 heart failure patients), the only way out so far has been, in addition to an important drug treatment, heart transplant. But this technique is cumbersome and the chronic lack of grafts is known.

25 gram computer

Hence the interest in the new technology of multi-site pacemakers. The principle is simple. In many cases, heart failure is aggravated by poor synchronization of the ventricles with each other. With this device, implanted in the patients' chest, electrostimulation probes will be installed in both the left and right ventricles. They are thus synchronized and the patient's effort capacity increases by 30%.

The most extraordinary thing is that this device weighs only 25 grams to contain a microcomputer, memories, a battery, and electrical connections for the delivery of rhythmic pulses … The fact remains that it is still very expensive and that the we can only hope that this kind of technology, so useful to patients, develops.