Risk factors for heart disease

The risk factors for heart disease are well known. Among the most important are: - smoking; - diet, if it is too fatty and / or too salty; - personal or family history of heart problems; - overweight; - sedentary lifestyle (do not practice physical activity); - stress. Indeed, stress is indeed a risk factor for heart problems, especially because it causes inflammation in the arteries.

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When to worry about a heart problem?

You should not wait to experience symptoms such as feeling sick or tired to be concerned about a possible heart problem. People with risk factors (which also includes people who are stressed) should do their best to eliminate them. This may involve starting to quit smoking (with the help of a therapist), monitoring your diet and losing weight, participating in physical activity, or taking steps to reduce stress. Note that some alternative medicines can help reduce stress. This is for example the case of approaches such as sophrology, yoga, acupuncture, Ericksonian hypnosis, meditation, etc.